Marguerite Wibaux

b. France, 1983

Marguerite Wibaux, from an early age, was fond of art. Surrounded by fine art, her love for the arts originated inherently in her family. Inspired by her grandmother, an art historian, and her artist mother, Wibaux developed a deep interest in contemporary painting and portraiture. She decided later in life to turn her dedication to art into a full-time occupation.

Born in Argentina, raised in Peru and Italy, Wibaux has spent a significant part of her life traveling across the world, meeting different people and exploring new cultural environments, while focusing on her observations through portraiture. Wibaux refers to her art practice as a social experimentation, an existential documentation of the human condition.

Marguerite Wibaux has participated in multiple group shows in France, Milan and New York. She held her first solo show at the French cultural institution in Boston (2018). Her solo presentation "Horror Vacui" at Spring/Break art fair (2022) New York, curated by Susan Nelly VO Curations, reviewed as "Top 5 figurative artist to discover“ by Maria Brito, an award-winning contemporary art advisor, author, and curator. Wibaux’s recent Online Exhibition "Miniature“, RedD Gallery, Greece (2022), has been featured by Artsy. Wibaux lives and works in New York.

Photo by Rose Hartman