Selected Work

Artist statement

How one perceives self, how one wants to be seen and how one is actually seen is at the root of my art practice.

Discrepancies in perceptions reveal issues of gender and identity, all the more in the digital age. All together, my work explores women's path to owning their narrative and owning their body in the world of images and representation.

The private self only exist in contrast to the public self and/or digital self. Between what is politically correct, what’s really happening and the images that actually circulate the most, there seems to be an impossible path towards emancipation, as women are their own oppressors. Those contrasts fuel my art.

It is irrelevant to judge or simplify, to put women in an assigned role-play where they only get to be a mother, a lover, a witch, a victim, an object of desire or the master of their narrative.

From a formal perspective, I am interested in creating paradox and contrasts. Between large scale and miniature, between the permanence of oil painting and the ephemeral quality of digital flux of images. Between reality and fantasies.

My art is a tribute to the complexity and variety of expressions of the contemporary identity.