Upcoming ART FAIR: Sola Olulode

September 20th - September 26th, 2021. Art Fair Volta Basel 2021. Switzerland





Sola Olulode’s ‘I Love Sharing the Bed with You’ focuses on the beauty of the romance between black womxn and is imbued with loving scenes and intimate moments of rest and reflection. Like much of Olulode’s work, the paintings in the series are centered in care. Although Olulode creates works which are innately political due to the intersectionality of her own identity as a queer black woman, it is rooted in joy. In a time where sexuality and gender-based violence is rife and the pandemic causing us to engage more with the media online; thus confronting countless images of devastating images of the black body, Olulode’s work is critical. Born out of own her own experience, it offers a gentle insight into the queer Black (British) communities through the lens of Olulode’s reinterpretation of images that display queer black intimacy in mainstream media.

For the first time, Olulode is experimenting with new forms of presentation, taking the paintings away from the ’ traditional’ stretched canvas on bars, to free flowing wall hangings.

This is an excerpt from an essay written by Pacheanne Anderson (he/they), Published Writer, Curator and Creative Consultant for ARTPOWHER Contemporary, Anna Maurrasse-Tomaiuolo,  Founder & CEO.  


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