Sola Olulode-Funky Covers-A1 Monoprint on Paper-2021-Volta

Sola Olulode

Funky Covers, 2021

Drawing, Monoprint and ink on paper
84.1 x 59.4 cm
White frame, 84.1 x 59.4 cm

Sola Olulode’s ‘I Love Sharing the Bed with You’ focuses on the beauty of the romance between Black Womxn and is imbued with loving scenes and intimate moments of rest and reflection.

Olulode understands how considered reproductions of Black queer images during a time are essential to the survival of the intersections of the global Black communities beyond the current discourse of documentary and representivity politics in work produced by Black artists. Olulode’s work allows space for the considerations of themes such as the queer gaze, desire, the idealogy of masculinity and femininity, and the use of artistic expression as par t of a generation of international black artists who also celebrates notions of queer black culture. The work s range from smaller drawings that are similar to love scenes one may discover whilst scrolling on a phone screen, and the larger works which are communicating to a larger number of people in the way that a bill- board would. This feature of the series is imperative as Olulode understands the impor tance of these images to be exhibited largely and publicly for the betterment of wide society ’s understanding of a different Black experience. Enriched by the titles of the works, the ‘I Love Sharing the Bed with You’ series produces an inclusive reflection of modern Black existence.

- Pacheanne Anderson, Art Writer

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