Sola Olulode-I Love Sharing The Bed With You-Artwork-Goodnight KIss-Photo ARTPOWHER

Sola Olulode

Goodnight Kiss, 2021

Indigo, oil, ink pastel and wax on canvas
Wall installation wiht rods (as illustrated), 152 x 122 cm

The artist uses commercial Black aesthetics taken from TV shows such as Pose and Orange is the New Black, screenshotting scenes, to create a base for sketching out her ideas which manifest into larger works later. By directly referencing current popular queer culture, her work aims to recontextualise and prioritise a range of Black subjects, characters, themes and intersections. Her work pushes past the boundaries and limitations of the stereotypical notions of queer sexuality. It embraces the fluidities of gender outside of the imposed heteronormative rhetoric. The piece Goodnight Kiss represents Olulode’s decision to create a body of work dedicated to the reality of the Black British queer communities with a focus on non-binary people and Black women. Laced with embodiments of tender, feminine energies, love portals and romance at the center of this series
- Pacheanne Anderson, Art Writer

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