Art Talk Magazine-Cover-Together

The Art Talk Magazine & The Art Talks, 


In 2020, as country after country shut down in response to the worst pandemic since the Spanish Flu of 1918, Carolina Conforti's Art Walks came to a halt. There would be no more museum, foundation, or gallery visits with her four legged companion, Hamlet.

And so The Art Talks were born. Trading her car for a microphone and a Zoom account, Carolina still interviewed artists, collectors, curators during the global lockdowns. What started as a forced pivot turned out to be a blessing in disguise as the interviewees were now from beyond the borders of Europe, from North America to South America, from Africa to Asia.

In 2023, The Art Talks are still going strong as a video cast on the website and on Spotify in audio format. As borders re-opened, the team added The Art Talks Live as they visit galleries, museums, art fairs, and special art events, and interview art world professionals.

The Art Talks engages with leaders across the arts and business communities to ignite conversations, and inspire changes through the lenses of artists, and their interpretation of the world, past, present and future.     

In 2021, the Art Talk Magazine was born as an extension of The Art Talks.

The Art Talk Magazine has evolved in the last two years to include Special Editions from Hip Hop to NFTs, Digital Art, and the Metaverse. Featuring dozens of artists, and figures of the Art World, the Art Talk Magazine is the sum of the passion and vision of Carolina Conforti and Francois-Laurent Renet.